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George asked...

I have a fast growing hydrocele.

I have a fast growing hydrocele, I have had it for ten years but about ten days ago it started to grow. I went to my local hospital ER (Twice), consulted with my DR, and they made an appointment for a consultation with a urologist in two weeks! I then went to another hospital ER and they all sent me home. I practically begged them to do something, my penis is now totally enveloped making urination and cleanliness next to imposable and I am concerned about the circulation in my penis ie. oxygen deprivation, fungus, infection, gangrene etc.

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The answer

It sounds like what was a chronic condition has now developed into something that needs some sort of treatment. But it is not so urgent that the ER or A&E department will admit you for urgent immediate surgery. Surgery on this type of condition is performed by a urologist, so you may need to wait for that appointment in two weeks if you cannot afford to pay for anything else. In the meantime keep the area as clean and dry as you can. If you feel any changes in the condition (such as redness or pain) you will need to go straight back to the ER department or your own doctor for further advice.

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