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Sophie asked...

I fell over Christmas on my head and have suffered from headaches ever since...

Hi, I fell over Christmas on my head and have suffered from headaches ever since. It has normally been a constant dull feeling at the back of my head with no pain but now random few second sharp stabbing pains in various places. Thanks, Sophie

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The answer

Hello, thank you for your question. You don’t mention if you were knocked out when you fell on your head or if you were seen by a Doctor at the time but for the purposes of this answer we’ll assume you weren’t knocked out and if you did see a doctor you were told there was no serious injury. The headaches you have been experiencing may either be due to the actual impact on your head or could be referred from an injury to your upper neck and the nerves and muscles involved with this, as you have a constant dull feeling at the back of your head either is possible. The sharp stabbing pains you are also experiencing could be suggestive of nerve involvement as these can become inflamed and bruised following an injury or equally from your skull which is likely to still be very tender. Under the circumstances It would be wise to visit your Dr to discuss these symptoms, they will be able to take a thorough history from you and to perform a neurological assessment by checking your blood pressure, your reflexes, this is done by using a small patella hammer on your knees and ankles and elbows to check your reflexes response and also by checking the pupils of your eyes and their reaction times to light. As you have no other symptoms it is likely that you will be fine in which case the Dr will be able to prescribe any medication necessary to relieve the worst of the symptoms you are having and to arrange to see you again should your symptoms not improve.

We do hope you will find this information of use and best of luck with your Dr,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses