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chieesa asked...

I have 3 fibroids in womb and under medication to shrink them...

I have 3 fibroids in womb and under medication to shrink them. The womb is moving up while I'm in bed and down while I'm up and pushing bladder. It's causing incontinence and gets worse, for me. But how much is bad enough to see the specialist?

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to ascertain from your question how long you have been taking your medication for the Fibroids, and what type of medication.

With any persistent symptoms or worsening of symptoms, it would always be suggested that you speak with your GP regarding this.

Your GP may suggest some further assistance or treatment for relief of your incontinence, or you may require further investigation by a specialist. Your GP may also decide to change the current management of your treatment if you both feel that your current regime is not providing the intended result, (but as previously mentioned, as it is unclear how long you have been having the treatment for).

Your GP may also provide a referral to an incontinence specialist to discuss management of this issue.

We have included a link below regarding Fibroids and their treatment, and hope that you find this useful.

Fibroids - NHS

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses