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Wendy asked...

Fainting when I travel

Hi, my GP is convinced I suffer from migraines but the primary issue is that I pass out/faint when I travel by plane/train and once when driving - I am on betablockers but these are having no affect on daily headache and visual disturbance I suffer plus my mood is so low I am really struggling to smile and enjoy anything.

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The answer

Headaches with visual disturbances are very commonly associated with migraine so this is likely why your GP is focusing on this diagnosis. Fainting/passing out is not commonly associated with migraine headaches. As the fainting is associated with travel, there may be a possibility it is anxiety related as this can cause fainting episodes due to stress/anxiety. You may also want to discuss ruling out any blood pressure issues or heart rhythm problems with your GP as both can cause fainting episodes. As you state your headaches are daily it is very understandable that your mood has been affected, so finding the cause of the headaches is a priority. We would suggest talking to your GP about referral to a Neurologist who specializes in headaches/migraine treatment. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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