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David asked...

I have had deafness in one ear for 3 weeks...

I have had deafness in one ear for 3 weeks & have been treated over the last few weeks with 3 different schedules of antibiotics plus nose drops & ear sprays as my doctor believed it may be an inner ear infection. My outer drum showed some signs of infection. I do not have a temperature but do have a virus - swollen throat, bleeding nose (although this has improved by dosing nostrils with salt water. Is there anything else I can do? Should I seek referral to an ENT specialist? Is this something that would be best through the NHS or through the health insurance? Many thanks.

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The answer

Some ear infections can be persistent and do require several rounds of antibiotics to clear the infection. Fever is common in the early stages of infection, but when this becomes a chronic infection the fever is often not present but you can still have swollen lymph glands and localised pain. If the infection is becoming a chronic problem then you can request a referral to an ENT specialist to re assess the infection, and at present this is usually faster via your health insurance, so we would suggest calling your claims team to discuss your referral process. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses