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Nadia asked...

Both of my eyes have been twitching for two months...

Morning, Both of my eyes have been twitching for two months. I suffer from dry eyes and not sure if this is the cause.

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

From your question, it is unclear if you have already sought any medical advice regarding your symptoms.

There may be a possibility of your eye twitching being related to the dryness that you are experiencing. With regards to both the dryness and eye twitching symptoms, there may be a possibility that you have a condition called Dystonia or Blepharospasm.

With these conditions, the symptoms may present as;

  • Excessive blinking
  • Twitching of eyes
  • Dry or gritty eyes
  • Sensitivity to bright lights and sunshine (Television & Visual Displays may also trigger spasms)
  • Eyelids regularly feeling heavy or tired.

As with any symptoms that are continuing or worsening, it would always be suggested to consult your GP for assessment and advice. Your GP may refer you to an Ophthalmic Specialist who may suggest treatments which could be helpful.

Treatments can include, Botox injections (to specific muscles around the eye), or oral medication by mouth, but this would need to be discussed further with your GP or Ophthalmic Specialist.

If you find that your symptoms are aggravated by bright lights & sunshine, it may be advised to wear tinted glasses or sunglasses.

We hope that you have found this information helpful.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses