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I recently had a very small, low grade neoroendocrine tumour removed from my my lower bowel...

I recently had a very small, low grade neoroendocrine tumour removed from my my lower bowel during a colonoscopy Will it grow back? I have to have another camera type investigation done in 3 months to check it has all been removed. What can I do to stop it regrowing?

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Thank you for your question about neuro endocrine tumours, These types of tumours are still fairly rare and are usually slow growing. Provided there is no spread in any other parts of the body and we note yours was low grade which indicates spread was less likely or unlikely, the aim of surgery by removing it would have been to be curative of this condition and provided all tissue was taken then they are not usually expected to grow back from where they have been removed. Provided you rest and allow your body to recover from surgery, avoid alcohol and don’t smoke, eat a healthy well balanced diet then your likelihood of recurrence should remain low to negligible if at all once all the initial tumour has been removed provided there was no spread elsewhere. We are also enclosing some links for you to read more information on this type of tumour and its treatment. If however you remain concerned about this then a chat with your specialist should provide more information and reassurance as well.

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