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Sam asked...

I am feeling dizzy a lot of the time where the room appears to be swaying side to side...

I am feeling dizzy a lot of the time where the room appears to be swaying side to side around me and when I am sat on a chair I get the sensation that the chair is moving below me - what could this be?

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The answer

Although dizziness is a common symptom, it can be caused by a wide range of things and should be investigated by a doctor. We would suggest you make an appointment to see your GP if you are feeling lightheaded or off balance or if you are worried, particularly if you have other symptoms, such as headaches or feeling faint.

Your GP will try to establish exactly what you mean by dizziness, when it started, if you have had repeated episodes and what triggered them and how long the dizziness lasts. It could be helpful to keep a note of this information. The GP may check if you are suffering with a condition called vertigo which is a severe type of dizziness, where your surroundings are spinning or moving.

Other common causes of dizziness could be due to an inner ear infection (labyrinthitis), migraines, stress or anxiety, sudden fall in blood pressure (postural hypotension) or even dehydration. The GP may need to carry out further investigations to determine the exact cause of your symptoms.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses