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Martin asked...

I have felt slightly dizzy with blurred/tunnel vision...

On several occasion recently I have felt slightly dizzy with blurred/tunnel vision, my hearing also becomes sort of distant/fuzzy, similar to having alcohol, then my temperature increases and I start sweating, it usually lasts 15 - 20 mins and has occasionally brought on a headache. There doesn’t seem to be any real pattern to when it happens it can just comes on. I am fit & healthy and take regular exercise, I also have annual medical check ups including blood pressure and no changes haves been noted. Any suggestions?

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The answer

There can be several causes of your stated symptoms. It can be a vasovagal episode, a temporary malfunction in the autonomic nervous system which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure or heart rate, a heart rhythm problem when the rate drops suddenly, a postural drop in blood pressure or it can also be anxiety related, in effect a panic attack these all can cause a reduction in blood flow to the brain temporarily and trigger your stated symptoms. This normally lasts a few seconds to a few minutes and can cause a fainting episode or near faint. This would not show up on any physical examination unless you had an episode at that time. We would suggest talking to your doctor about these episodes if you have not already done so. We would also suggest keeping a diary to note time and duration of these episodes, when they occur and what you are doing just before these happen as this may help identify the cause and lead to managing these episodes. Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses