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Kiran asked...

I have some dark patches on my forehead.

Hi, On my forehead I have some dark patches of skin that first appeared in January, and have got bigger since. I have been referred to see a dermatologist by my GP, but as yet do not have an appointment. The marks looks purple in sunlight, but just dark brown in the shade. Sometimes they are itchy and can be covered in dry skin. Do you know what this could be?

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The answer

I would need to see the skin to be able to give you a diagnosis. As your doctor has referred you to see a dermatologist, you can presume that it needs some sort of treatment. You need to see your doctor again to ask more questions about what it could be and also about the referral. Was it an urgent referral for a possible skin cancer? Even if it was a non-urgent referral you should have heard about the appointment by now, so maybe the referral has got lost. I suggest you chase it up.

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