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tired asked...

Constantly tired

Hi I am constantly tired ...even after an 8 hour sleep ...and I can drop asleep almost anywhere and anytime...what should i do ?

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The answer

Dear Tired

There can be several causes of tiredness, these can include anaemia, low iron levels in the blood, low vitamin D levels, or sleep apnoea.

The first two are diagnosed by your GP with blood tests and can be treated successfully with supplements, either prescription medication or a supplement from a health food shop. If a severe anaemia is found further investigations may be needed to locate cause of anaemia, but most cases are usually mild.

Sleep apnoea can be diagnosed from symptoms by your GP, some of which you have described. Constantly tired, falling asleep throughout the day. If you have noticed waking suddenly through the night feeling breathless? This is another well known symptom. If sleep apnoea is suspected then you will be referred for sleep studies to confirm diagnosis.

If confirmed you will be fitted for a BIPAP machine which you will use when sleeping and this helps support the airway during sleep and reduces sleep disturbances and helps reduce daytime tiredness.

Hopefully this will help you


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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