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Stephen asked...

Constant cold

Tags: Cold

I seem to be constantly having the symptoms usually just before a cold, i.e. back of throat, chills/aches through the ribs, feeling the cold more than others. This has gone on for several weeks now but never developing into a full blown cold. Is it likely I am just fighting off one virus after another, or do I need to see a doctor?

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The answer

From the symptoms you describe it is possible you are fighting off a virus, however without an examination it is not possible to be more definite. It is possible you are somewhat run down in yourself which could give rise to similar symptoms or increase your sensitivity to viruses.

Making sure you are getting good amounts of quality sleep, avoiding excessive alcohol and ensuring you are eating a healthy nutritious diet which includes fruit, vegetables and complex carbohydrates which will support your immune system. Under the circumstances, although you do not say exactly how many weeks you have been experiencing this, a check-up with your GP would seem sensible.

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