Can I safely take Sudafed?

I currently have a bad cough/cold/blocked sinuses and want to take Sudafed blocked nose/sinus capsules. Sudafed warns not to take it hypertensive which I am. My daily medications is co-tenidone 50/12.5mg, Escitalopram 20mg and Omeprazole 20mg. Can I safely take Sudafed?

7 December 2015

Unfortunately you cannot safely take Sudafed. The decongestant component can increase blood pressure and can also interact with the beta-blocker in your co-tenidone. You should avoid any cold and cough products that contain a decongestant.

There are plenty of cough remedies that are safe for you to take. Your local pharmacist could recommend one of these, depending on the type of cough that you have. Paracetamol is safe for you and will help with fever, sore throat and aching. It is also fine for you to steam inhale or use an inhalant such as Vicks or Olbas Oil.

If your symptoms persist or you develop pain or wheezing when coughing you should see your GP. The presence of green or blood-streaked phlegm or mucus are also possible signs of bacterial infection and also require a GP visit.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses