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Shirley asked...

So I usually only drink one large coffee a day (morning) I find this helps fuel the morning run...

So I usually only drink one large coffee a day (morning) I find this helps fuel the morning run. What would you suggest to substitute??

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The answer

First and foremost thank you for contacting us. Whether it’s a life style choice or dietary restrictions it’s incredible what a plethora of options there is to get our body “Full Speed” mode on. If you are looking to reduce your intake of caffeine you could this slowly by going for things like Green Tea or even a Hot Chocolate. Pomegranate juice and some other teas contain substances similar to caffeine. They should still provide a bit of caffeine and hence a boost to your morning routine.

If you are going for a zero caffeine boost then that’s where things get exciting. A good breakfast will be the base of a good day without aid of caffeine stimulation.

The main energy sources for the body are Proteins, Fat and carbohydrates (PFC). Carbs are used straight away for energy so perhaps a bit of toast with almond-butter could help fuel the run? But that is really unappetizing and it might feel as if you are trying to eat a bit of cardboard.

Why not add a nice smoothie to freshen things up? Same rules apply as above, trying to get a balance of PFC, so perhaps some spinach (Protein), avocado (Fat) and flax seeds (Carbs). The combinations are endless and it might also be something to look forward to get you pumped in the morning.

If you are trying to reduce the caffeine intake in your life, may we sugges check AXA’s initiative #tryit.

This months #tryit introduces a caffeine curfew to help us all realise the amount of caffeine we consume everyday.

AXA’s #tryit

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses