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If I take part in this caffeine free pledge, what can I drink for a month? apart from water.

If I take part in this caffeine free pledge, what can I drink for a month? apart from water.

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The answer

The Try it-Caffeine Curfew Programme has been introduced in order to help people improve their lifestyle by enabling a better sleep pattern and by reducing their anxiety levels.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can often cause disturbance with good quality sleep and also can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety levels.

Caffeine can be found in Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Some Carbonated drinks e.g Coke and Energy drinks,, Green Tea and some products such as Chewing gum. Ice-cream and Energy Sweets.

Decaffeinated tea and coffee still have some caffeine present but a lot less than other brands of tea and coffee.

It can take six or more hours to clear caffeine from your body so having drinks or food with caffeine in the evening, can actually interfere with you having a good nights sleep.

Alcohol is also known to affect your sleep pattern as it tends to send you initially into a deep sleep but as the alcohol wears off you revert to REM sleep pattern which you can easily wake from. Usually you have several REM sleep cycles which therefore leave you refreshed but when you have alcohol you tend to have less REM cycles and therefore wake up less refreshed.

If you are wishing to try going without caffeine it is recommended that you consider drinking other fluids such as water, fruit juice, carbonated drinks such as lemonade or cream soda and fruit teas and milk drinks.

According to both the Pepsi and Coca-Cola manufacturers their caffeine free ranges contain no caffeine in them at all.

With the majority of fruit tea ranges e.g Twinings and the Roobios ranges of tea these are also caffeine free as the flavourings come from fruit and herbs rather than tea leaves.

For more information you may wish to look at the following websites:

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