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Neurological asked...

Brain damage query

Im wondering if im brain damaged, infected or if tumours and hereditary?

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The answer

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have not mentioned if you have any neurological symptoms that are concerning you, such as persistent headaches, balance issues, changes to your sense of smell or taste, hearing loss, facial weakness, blurring of vision or limb weakness.

There are a small portion of brain tumours that are related to rare genetic conditions so if you have a family history of Neurofibromatosis, Turner syndrome, Turcot syndrome, or Grolin syndrome we would suggest seeing your doctor for referral for testing. If you have suffered a head injury in the past, there is some potential for damage to the brain, this would normally be diagnosed at time of or soon after any head injury. An infection of the brain would have a high fever, severe headache, and extreme intolerance to light, you would be very unwell with this and need admission to hospital. If you are concerned about any neurological issue we would suggest you see your doctor for assessment as soon as possible as early treatment is essential and be referred to a neurologist if need be. Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses