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Lisa asked...

X-ray showed a bone lesion

I recently had to have my arm xrayed due to a fracture. I had to wait and hour for the orthopedic reg to come and speak to me drectly after my arm had been plastered. He told me that as well as the fracture the xray also showed a bone lesion on my radius, he wanted to know if there was a history of bone issues in the family which there isnt, whether i had any pain before the fracture, he also said looking at it he did not think it was anything sinister or it could even be a bone cyst. However the subject has not been mentioned again in thr fracture clinc. I mentioned it at my last appointment but i did not get a real response,i googled and now wish i hadnt. I dont understand why even mention it in the first place if they did not need to follow up in some way.What should be the next course of action? Thanks Lisa

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The answer

Thank you for your question, and we are sorry to hear about your recent fracture.

Your question raises a few issues: -
•    The treatment and management of your current fracture,
•    Further information regarding Bone Lesions and Bone Cysts.

Regarding the initial consultation with the Registrar, it would be best practice for them to make enquiries regarding past family history and also previous pain prior to your fracture.  On assessment and implementation of treatment, with regard to any process within the medical field, it is important to have as much information as possible to ensure that an accurate diagnosis can be made.  Once this information has been gained, it may rule out any concerns that may have initially been concerning the medical team.  This may be one of the reasons that there has been no further mention since your first Fracture Clinic appointment.  

Bone Lesions and Bone Cysts

Bone lesions are a type of abnormality in the bone, occurring more commonly in the longer bones, particularly in the arms or legs. They can affect any age group but usually more prominent among children & young adults.   There are many factors that can lead to Bone Lesions, which include infections, variations in growth injuries to bones and overuse-age of bones.  Bone Cysts can also occur and cause these lesions. It is a common misconception that these lesions are always cancerous, and a majority of them are benign.

Bone Cysts similarly to bone lesions, usually occur in children & young adults.  A bone cyst is a fluid filled hole inside the bone. Bone cysts do not usually have any symptoms, not pose a serious threat to health and they are not cancerous.  Most bone cysts are discovered by chance when the area is X-rayed to an unrelated condition. Many bone cysts will heal without further treatment and shouldn’t cause any long term problems.

Symptoms which occur may include increased or consistent pain, bruising or discoloured skin around the bone or joint, although I can appreciate that these may be hard to distinguish from the pain and bruising that you may have due to your current fracture, and also if you have a Plaster Cast in situ.

We would suggest that if you have any further concerns with questions about the possible bone cyst in the radius area, you should mention it again at your next appointment at Fracture Clinic, or speak to your GP as they may have access to your original X-rays.

We hope this has helped with the answers you were seeking, but also if any doubt occurs, please speak to your GP about any anxieties that you may have.

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