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Tessa asked...

Blood test for Hypothyroidism

I have just had a blood test for Hypothyroidism but the results have come back as 'normal'. I am still experiencing all of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder - but my GP has not taken any action to refer me yet- despite my difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue and other severe symptoms. Is it possible to still have the condition and my tests not show up any concerning result? Should I ask for a second opinion from a specialist?

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The answer

Dear Tessa,

If your GP has taken bloods to test your thyroid function and these are all normal then it is very unlikely that you have hypothyroidism.

If there was an issue with your thyroid function at least one of the results would be abnormal. As your symptoms are persisting we would suggest further follow up with your GP to look at other possible causes and referral to appropriate specialist. As you state you have multiple symptoms it may be a case of ruling things out to get to a diagnosis. Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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