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Julie asked...

Blood test recommends medication for gout.

My husband's recent blood test shows serum urate level of 0.43 and recommended medication for gout. Could there be another cause for this level as he doesn't have symptoms of gout?

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The answer

Your husband really needs to see a doctor about this result. If he does not have any symptoms of gout (a very painful joint condition), then he does not have gout.

The doctor may have checked the uric acid level for another reason and, if so, you need to know what that reason was. I am not sure exactly what 0.43 means, as you have not given a reference range for the laboratory that performed the test.

Uric acid levels can fluctuate, so a one-off high reading might mean nothing (levels can change with excessive exercise, rapid weight loss and with a ‘purine’ rich diet). He may simply need the test repeating to see if it is persistently high.

Answered by Dr EmmaJane Down


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