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Olivia asked...

2 days ago I was feeling a little pain in my jaw in one specific spot close to my chin...

Hello, 2 days ago I was feeling a little pain in my jaw in one specific spot close to my chin. During the night it swelled up and has become extremely painful, the swelling is just under a gold ball in size, very painful to touch and move my tounge. I have no issues breathingg or or swallowing. I went to a walk in clinic yesterday who said that it seems to be a blocked gland. I have woken up this morning and it has not got any worse but it defiantly has not got better. I am flying to France next week to ski and I am nervous about flying with something so close to my face inflamed. My only health background is that I had an outer ear earache in Bali three weeks ago, I was given antibiotic ear drops and painkillers. Other than that I have never had anything like this in my neck or glands! Please let me know what I should do! Thanks a million !

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The answer

Firstly we would suggest contacting your practice surgery for an appointment with your GP or Practice Nurse for a medical assessment before you travel. If you are taking antibiotics or pain relief, check you have enough prescribed to take with you should you require them. We would also recommend contacting your travel insurance provider and confirm your level of cover should you require further medical assistance abroad. You may require a letter from your GP to confirm that you are fit enough to fly; this will be dependent of the exact diagnosis and current treatment plan. We hope you are feeling better soon and you enjoy your skiing holiday!

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses