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Patryk asked...

Blocked ear

Hi, my name is Patryk. I have a problem with my left ear. I think my ear is blocked. I can feel it when I watch tv. I heard weird noises in my ear like a squeak. Mostly noticeable at night time or in a quiet room. I have health insurance but am unsure what to do? I have had an appointment 2 times with my GP and I received ear drops but I don't see any difference.

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The answer

There is a possibility that you have wax in your ear and the drops your GP gave you were intended to soften the wax, this usually takes several days to a week, you would still need to have your ear syringed once the wax was softened to remove the wax, so we would suggest you follow up with your GP on this. If this does not help they may need to look at other possible causes such as blocked eustacian tube and refer your to an ENT specialist to assess further.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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