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Glaiza asked...

I have haemorrhoid since I was a teenager (I am 32 now) but I found blood in my stool in January...

Hi, I have haemorrhoid since I was a teenager (I am 32 now) but I found blood in my stool in January that looks kinda different from normal because it is actually in the stool, and not just when I wipe my rectum. I went to have colonoscopy 2 weeks ago and they found nothing. However, I am still very anxious about it, I felt like I have muscle and joint pains, I also feel like there is something blocking my throat but it is not sore nor painful. So I went to see GP, and they asked me to have blood test done, so I did. It turns out that I have borderline Anemia. Now I am even more anxious because it might be stomach/esophagus ulcer or worst cancer. I am very scared and did not sleep a wink at night. I also have heart burns and sharp pain at tummy that last less than a minute but it is not severe pain, probably if I rate it, it's like 2 out of 10, 10 being very painful. I also feel upper back pain. Can you please help me?

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The answer

Hello, we are sorry to hear about your concerns with your stomach issues. We can see you have had a colonoscopy which has ruled out any signs of issues other than the haemorrhoid that could have caused the bleeding you experienced which in itself is a good thing. The type of symptoms you are describing however do seem to suggest that you are experiencing some issues with gastric acid and possibly reflux. Symptoms such as heart burn upper back pain and sharp stomach pains do seem suggestive of this. In addition people with reflux which is where some acid from the stomach escapes into the oesophagus and throat report feeling something stuck in their throat but have no burning or acid feeling in the throat alongside it. This is thought to be due to the effect of gastric acid on the tissues of the larynx. It is encouraging that you are only experiencing a low level of discomfort with the sharp pains you have in your stomach which suggests if acid reflux is present it is not too severe. Unfortunately anxiety can make acid secretion in the stomach increase which will contribute to making any reflux if it is present worse so it may be a good idea to look at ways of reducing the anxiety you are experiencing about this and we are enclosing a link which you may find helpful; Ways to relieve stress

And a link to information on gastric reflux here:

Gastroesophageal reflux - NHS

The borderline anaemia you have is unlikely to be a cause for concern and this is very commonly seen in people with chronic or long term haemorrhoids such as yourself. Concentrate on adding plenty of iron rich foods into your diet such as dark green leafy vegetables for example watercress, spinach, and eggs, seafood , red meat, peas and dried fruit all of which will help to increase your iron levels.

Given your natural concerns over your symptoms it would probably be very helpful for you to make an appointment to see your Gp . They will be able to examine you and discuss your symptoms in detail. If excess acid and reflux is thought to be the problem then it is something that is fairly easily treated with medication, usually short term and should prevent these type of symptoms form happening again.

We do hope you will find this information of use and best of luck in getting this resolved,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses