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Patricia asked...

How to increase the albumen ( protein) levels in the body.

How to increase the albumen ( protein) levels in the body.

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The answer

Thank you for your question, albumin levels are in fact usually regulated by the kidneys which will excrete any excess intake that is not required.

A good healthy diet with adequate protein is the key to maintaining a healthy level of protein and hence albumin in the body, the current recommended daily amount for adults is 50 Grams of protein a day. To increase your protein level ideally this should be done sensibly in consultation with either a medical professional or nutritionist, this is because too much protein can potentially be stressful to the kidneys. Aim to eat good quality lean proteins from sources such as poultry and lean meat such as beef, seafood, eggs milk cheese and yoghurt. If you haven’t already it may be sensible to have a chat with your Gp in the first instance regarding any concerns you may have with your albumin level, this is because low albumin in the blood can sometimes be associated with an underlying cause such as certain types of infections, kidney problems and/or muscle problems and it would be important to exclude these before embarking on any dietary changes you wish to make.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses