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Adcal-D3 tablets – what can I eat before/after taking them?

I am taking Adcal-D3 tablets and it says not to have any foods rich in phosphates, oxalic acid or phytic acid within 2 hours of taking the tablets. I am 5'5" and weigh 7.9 stone. As I do not want to lose weight and get hungry before bed what foods could I eat within 2 hours of taking the tablets? I would also like a hot chocolate - what drink could I substitute to help me get to sleep?

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The answer

What is Adcal-D3?

Adcal-D3 is a brand of tablet that contains calcium and vitamin D3, both essential for healthy bones and teeth. Adcal-D3 is offered to people who require more calcium and vitamin D3 to prevent conditions like osteoporosis or for those not getting sufficient amounts from their diet.

What should I eat before and after taking Adcal-D3?

The manufacturers recommend avoiding certain foods containing oxalic acid (spinach, rhubarb etc), phosphate or phytic acid (seeds, nuts, soy etc) because they may reduce the absorption of calcium.

To snack, look for foods that contain calcium and Vitamin D or are known to aid their absorption – such as eggs, butter, fatty fish, milk and orange juice. Chocolate does contain oxalic acid, so if you’d like to try an alternative drink at bedtime, you may opt for chamomile tea which is reputed to have a calming effect.

Foods considered to be safe to consume within two hours of taking Adcal D3 are those that do not contain oxalic acid, phosphate or phytic acid. Avoid seeds, nuts and leafy green vegetables. Suitable foods for bedtime snacks to prevent hunger include most fruits (pears, plums, oranges and strawberries), honey or jam, white bread, peppers, crackers and cream cheese.

What time should I take Adcal-D3?

Another solution would be to amend the time that you take Adcal D3 For example, if you normally eat breakfast at 8am, it would be better to take Adcal D3 nearer 10am or Adcal D3 immediately upon waking at 6am. At night, have an early dinner at 6pm, then take the medication at 8pm, and have bedtime snacks (and a hot chocolate too, if you like) after 10pm.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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