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Louis asked...

Adam's apple pain

I have a very sore throat, every time I swallow there is pain to the right of my adam's apple. It is also painful to yawn. It feels very unlike the usual sore throat that one gets with a cold or virus. My GP prescribed me anti biotics despite saying there was absolutely no sign of an infection. I'm going back at the end of the week if it is still painful. I do suffer with mouth ulcers regularly when run down. Thanks.

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The answer

Pain is common with a sore throat when you swallow or yawn and even when talking. Most viral infections will run their course within 2 weeks, some can persist for longer. An antibiotic will only shorten viral infections by a day or two at most as they are designed to treat bacterial infections. Reflux can also cause throat irritation but will not normally affect only one side of the throat. We would suggested follow up with GP if persists for over 2 weeks and ENT specialist referral if persists more than a month.

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