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Kirsty asked...

I have a pain in my tummy back and head for the last 3 day...

I have a pain in my tummy back and head for the last 3 days so bad I have been in bed most of the day I have had pain killers including morphin but nothing takes the pain away I have my bowel removed last year I have not eat much the pain hurts more when I eat.

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The answer

If you have not been to your local hospital to have this pain assessed as yet, we would suggest you do this as soon as possible, especially as morphine is not helping this pain. Headaches are very common with lack of food, dehydration and infection, tummy and back pain can be caused by dehydration if your fluid intake has been very low. But you have not mentioned any lack of fluid intake or fever. As you have mentioned the pain is worse with eating you may need to be checked for a stomach ulcer, stress ulcers are known to occur after major surgeries. There can also be issues with narrowing of the bowel at the site of surgery, this can lead to obstruction of the bowel, where no food will pass through the gut to be digested, and this can cause severe pain, loss of appetite and vomiting. There is also a risk of a hernia developing at the wound site, but this does not seem likely as pain would be more controllable. Seeing a Doctor to assess you is a priority at this time as diagnosis will dictate treatment. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses