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Stuart asked...

I have felt a bit uncomfortable in my lower left-side abdomen...

I have felt a bit uncomfortable in my lower left-side abdomen(level and just above my navel) and after having a good feel around I have noticed a few lumps. Is this normal, what could this be. I loathe to go to my doctor as it is hard to get an appointment within a month and I don't like to waste there time as they always look too busy.

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The answer

Pain or discomfort in your abdomen felt on the left side can occur for many reasons due to the various organs in the abdomen, without a full examination it’s difficult to know the exact cause of this discomfort. Although most stomach cramps or mild abdominal pain doesn’t usually last long and isn’t usually caused by anything serious. We would suggest making an appointment with your GP for further medical assessment of your symptoms so that the cause of this discomfort and the lumps you have described can be identified. The GP may request further investigations if required and provide a diagnosis and subsequent management plan for you. If you feel you are unable to get an appointment with your GP or Practice Nurse, you could request a telephone consultation from you GP to discuss your concerns or attended you local walk-in centre for further assessment of your symptoms.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses