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Renata asked...

Piece of food stuck in my throat

I had a dinner yesterday with black rice, and one of the pieces got stuck in my throat, in a glad, and i can't get rid of it. I tried to gargle with the salty water, swallow lots of liquids and coughing, but can't get rid of this problem. It's getting painful and annoying, please could you help with the advise. Many thanks, Renata

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The answer

The sensation of food being stuck in the throat that is persisting and not relieved by drinking water or eating something soft can, occasionally be the food item being caught in or piercing into the oesophagus (food pipe), usually fish bones, or can be caused by the food item scratching or abrading the oesophagus.

To confirm this you will have to be seen and assessed by a doctor. A gastroscopic investigation may be needed to assess if there is any damage or if any food is caught in the oesophagus, the doctor will be able to remove anything caught in the oesophagus during procedure if present.

If there is an abrasion which is more common the doctor may prescribe medication to reduce stomach acidity for a short period, but will usually only require a soft diet for a few days and some time to heal. So if there is no improvement and you have not seen your doctor, we would suggest you do this as soon as possible. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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