#TRYit - #Walk30 results

22 June 2016

What is #TRYit?

AXA’s #TRYit campaign is designed to cut through the glut of exercise and diet advice and differentiate between the facts and the fiction that underpin these theories.

It launched in February 2016 with a four-week Caffeine Curfew, where people were encouraged to forgo caffeine past 2pm to see what impact this had on their sleep. The curfew included everything from coffee to cola and chocolate.

The second challenge, called #Walk30, encouraged people to walk for 30 minutes, five times a week in an effort to lower their resting heart rate.

#Walk30 results

We asked people to volunteer to walk for 30 minutes a day, five times a week, in an effort to lower their resting heart rate. After the challenge we asked those who took part to feedback on their experiences. As the results in our graphic below show, 86% of those who took part completed the four-week #Walk30 challenge, with more than 70% reporting at least a slight difference in their resting heart rate.

Walk30 infographic

Look out for our next #TRYit campaign

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See the results of our first #TRYit challenge, the Caffeine Curfew. 


More than 1200 people took part in the month-long #TRYit #Walk30 challenge in May 2016 Survey source: AXA PPP healthcare #TRYit Challenge survey. Base: all respondents (62).

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