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9 April 2013

This App is likely to be helpful to those who are interested in posture and biomechanical analysis. It is a quick and simple technique to analyse body positions and joint angles. The main users are likely to be physical therapists, sports trainers or anyone interested in monitoring human movement.  

An ipad or iphone can be used to visualise and place markers on different parts of the body so that discrepancies in symmetry are measured along with movement patterns. It works best with mobile devices and in particular with the ipad as its larger screen allows the user to place the markers more accurately.  

The App then allows the user to pick from a list of recognised exercises which may help the patient or sports person train a particular aspect of posture or movement. The posture and movement information obtained can then be stored or sent to the patient by way of an email along with the recommended exercise programme. This information is kept safe through the use of encrypted PDF's and passwords.  

A useful motivational tool is the ability to visualisation comparative postural and movement improvements made by the patient or athlete after following the prescribed exercise programme.  

There is a useful user’s help section with links to YouTube videos and access to telephone advice too. Purchase of the initial App is currently £6.26 and with this comes 10 credits which is enough to do 10 initial patient analysis. To access certain video information sites and do more patient analysis further credits can be purchased in bundles of 10, 50 or 100.
This App provides a portable method of analysing human movement which is quick and relatively easy to use. The offer of video illustrated exercises allows the user to design and monitor a training or treatment programme for their clients. I would recommend this to healthcare colleagues. The only drawback is the need for on-going credit purchasing although the cost is not overly prohibitive.
App rating 4/5

Dr Alasdair Wright


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