Own Your Fears – Jennifer’s story

14 January 2018

We met Jennifer at a local yoga studio early one Wednesday morning. As she practised her pilates routine, she told us about the driving force behind wanting to live a happier life – her five daughters.

Having raised her girls on her own, the fear of not being her best self as she watches them plan for the future is one she knows well. Heaven forbid she be a grumpy granny one day!

Jennifer wouldn’t let that fear overcome her. In fact, it was this very fear that first inspired her to take-up a healthier, predominantly-vegan diet. Not to mention the pilates and yoga classes she now attends every week!

Inspired by Jennifer, we’ve developed an online guide to help you turn your fears into motivation.

To find out how you can improve your diet and get more exercise, visit our Diet and Nutrition and Fitness and Exercise hubs. So if you want to #OwnYourFears, you can learn more here

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