Map My Walk

9 May 2013

The first feature that jumps out at me on this App is that you can switch on the GPS feature and can instantly see routes that have been used near to you by other people with this App. This feature shows you the exact route taken by other users and then tells you the distance and the time it took them to complete it. What’s more, it even gives you details of any inclines and tells you the degree of incline via per cent.

I think this is an amazing feature as it allows you to be motivated by other users’ achievements and provides the opportunity to see if you can beat the time in which they completed the route.

The App makes full use of social media and allows you to invite your Facebook, Twitter or email contacts to join you on your walk. From a personal training aspect, I see this as a great feature of the App as it lets you buddy up with friends so that you can be motivated and keep each other on track.

This App is also a great tool for keeping track of the distance you have walked and you can log each workout and record every single detail including the distance, time, average speed and calories used.

Additionally, if you want this App to turn into your personal trainer you can set it to give you intervals so your phone will either vibrate or give you a voice recording to do boosts of faster training.

You can even use this to help aid in weight loss as it lets you track calories consumed and will then tell you how many you have to burn off to maintain a healthy weight.

Summary: This App ticks all the right boxes and can help to keep you on track, measure your fitness progress and get support from your friends.

App rating: This I would give 4 out of 5 and consider it the best at giving you motivation to beat previous walking time.
Lucy Wyndham-Read.

Cost from ITunes Great Britain: Free

Lucy Wyndham-Read