Is there a single best form of exercise?

Is there a single best form of exercise, and if so, what is it?

26 July 2011

The best exercise for anyone is the one they enjoy the most, as exercise can be done in so many ways, from walking to dancing, swimming to badminton.

If you choose an exercise you enjoy, then you are more likely to stick to it, and this is key with exercise, as it should be done on a regular basis, aiming for 3-4 times a week. If you like the outdoors, then walking is a great choice as this is in the open air, is low impact, has great health benefits and is free.

However, you may like playing sport and, if so, tennis or badminton are good choices, as both give you a good aerobic workout as well as increasing your flexibility and balance. If you prefer a more relaxed workout, then opt for the swimming pool or Pilates, as both of these will give you a full body workout and are kind on the joints.

Exercise can be fun and needs to be part of our lifestyle, so the best form of exercise for anyone will always be the one they enjoy.

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