I have excess fat on my body.

I have excess fat in my back and upper thighs and in back at hip level and side handles. I am normal weight and I exercise regularly. I'm considering either Lipolysis (a one time procedure that can be done with local anaesthesia) or radio frequency therapies to melt the fat (more than one session about one month apart) I am a 47 year old female who is in good health, but afraid of general anaesthesia.

Which procedure would you recommend and why? What are the differences on the two procedures?

14 September 2014

The two procedures you mention are both carried out under local anesthetic rather than general, and both are very similar. There are numerous ‘fat-melting’ procedures available on the cosmetic surgery market, most of these only differ very slightly in how they are delivered e.g. as a single 2-3 hour session or in several sessions spaced out over a few months. These procedures are designed to sculpt fat rather than remove large quantities and they will only remove up to 500mls of fat. They are much lower risk than liposuction, the alternative for achieving more extreme results, as this can only be done as a general anesthetic procedure and carries a risk of infection.

However, these procedures do not guarantee that fat will not re-occur in these areas. It is common for fat to settle around the abdomen and thighs and the best way to tackle this for a long-term solution is with high-impact cardio and abdominal exercises.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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