#TRYit Caffeine Curfew results

3 April 2016

What is TRYit?

AXA’s TRYit campaign is designed to cut through the glut of exercise and diet advice and differentiate between the facts and the fiction that underpin these theories.

It launched in February 2016 with a Caffeine Curfew, where people were encouraged to forgo caffeine past 2pm to see what impact this had on their sleep. The four-week curfew included everything from coffee to cola and chocolate.

Caffeine is a stimulant that millions of people in the UK regularly consume – but the downside is that it can prevent melatonin from being produced, which can in turn disrupt our body clock and our sleep patterns. The curfew was driven by our Director of Psychological Services, Dr Mark Winwood, who provided his expert opinion and facts around the impact of caffeine has on sleep.

As Mark explains: “We know that poor sleep has negative consequences for our physical and psychological wellbeing, so we thought this would be a great place to start.”

Cutting down on caffeine has left people feeling and sleeping better

We asked those people who took part in the challenge to feedback on their experiences. As the results in our graphic above show, nearly all of those who responded completed the entire four-week caffeine-free after 2pm challenge, with more than 80 per cent saying they found the challenge easy to follow – and 100 per cent saying they’d take part in another AXA challenge.

Most importantly, their feedback showed that there is a correlation between avoiding caffeine after 2pm and quality of sleep, with 76 per cent saying the amount of sleep they received had improved; and 72 per cent reporting an improvement in the amount of sleep each night.

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