What are the risks of having a low BMI?

I feel tired and have difficulty concentrating. What are the risks of having a low BMI and should I change my diet?

12 July 2012

Firstly it is so great that you are motivated and committed to your fitness, but you are under the recommended BMI, so being this low will cause lots of problems, especially with your energy and concentration.

You need to increase your BMI to the healthy and normal range, which is 21 or above. You can do this by eating plenty of good carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta, brown bread and brown rice with lots of protein, such as chicken breast.

You need to build your strength but reduce your aerobics from 2 hours to 1 hour and ensure you have a day’s rest in-between each exercise session. As soon as you are in your healthy BMI range, you will have more energy and better concentration.

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