My platelet count is falling

Recent blood tests indicate my platelet count has been steadily falling (now 128,000). My Dr wants me to retake tests in 8 weeks. Is there any dietary improvements that I can make? I drink 1 glass of wine per week, only infrequently eat red meat, exercise 4 times per week and generally enjoy good health. Used to being healthy, having an abnormal result makes me a wee bit anxious. I'm 52 and perimenupausal.

4 September 2013

You already live a healthy lifestyle so I do not think there is anything else you can do to help the situation.

Sometimes these blood results can fluctuate for no apparent reason and this is not a concern. Your platelet count is only slightly reduced. Many factors can influence the platelet count including exercise and racial origin. Try not to be too anxious. Your doctor is monitoring the situation closely. If there was any drastic fall in the platelet count or any other abnormalities found in the blood, you would be sent to see a specialist about it.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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