Can you recommend lunch meals suitable for work?

Can you recommend any lunch meals which are suitable for bringing into work yet give enough energy to keep working? I do a mix of manual and desk work. I am hoping to lose a stone in weight.

15 June 2011

To help maintain energy levels through the afternoon and keep your appetite in check too (to prevent any afternoon snacking), choose a lunch that has a good balance of slow acting carbohydrates and plenty of lean protein.

A chicken or tuna couscous salad is a perfect option as you can easily make it at home before you leave for work and it travels well so will still taste fresh at lunchtime. Boil up the couscous and transfer to a plastic tub, add pieces of cooked chicken breast or flakes of tuna and then add plenty of chopped vegetables; pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions. You can even add a handful of chopped nuts and seeds, pieces if dried fruit or a pinch of chilli to give it a kick.

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