I am worried that there may be something wrong with my liver function...

I am worried that there may be something wrong with my liver function. I am currently taking 2x 60mg duloxetine day for migraine and somatic pain as well as depression. I have recently noticed that my hot sweats are getting worse, I'm going to the toilet more frequently and the pains all over my body are getting worse. I don't really drink a lot of alcohol but when I do one glass makes me feel like I have drank a lot more.

28 February 2017

We are sorry that you have been suffering these problems and that you believe they may be related to your liver function. The patient information leaflet for duloxetine advises that care should be taken with alcohol while being treated with duloxetine. As such and given that you are concerned about your liver function, we wonder if it would be prudent to refrain from drinking alcohol until such time as you have spoken again with your GP.

It would appear from what you have written that you have been experiencing an increase in some of your symptoms as well as the pain being less controlled. It may be that your medication and doses need to be reviewed and as such an appointment with your doctor is required.

If your doctor feels they need to assess your liver function, they will be able to arrange any appropriate blood tests. By visiting your GP you will also receive an assessment for any additional medical issues that could be causing some of these symptoms. For example increased urination can sometimes be a result of a urinary tract infection, although a level of discomfort usually accompanies this.

We do hope that your GP can soon help to stop these symptoms and provide you with peace of mind regarding your liver function.

We wish you every good health in the future.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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