I often need to hurry to the toilet

For quite a long time, when I feel the need to poo... I am finding I often need to find a loo quite urgently! Recently, on 2 separate occasions,( this morning one of them) when I have got up in the morning, I have felt the need to poo... and then felt as though I have leaked a wee... but it has turned out to be a watery poo, that I didn't know was happening.

My Mum had bowel Cancer in her 50's, I am 67 and feel well in all other aspects, but guess I should go see a Doctor now? I did do a sample test for cancer a couple of years ago. Thank you for any advice.

19 May 2014

Your symptoms need to be investigated by your Doctor, as there are many possible causes. As we get older our body goes through many changes. However changes that cause drastic change such as incontinence should be reported to your GP.

It is very positive that you feel well in yourself so please bear this in mind.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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