I have been suffering with gout

I have been suffering for over one month with what has been diagnosed variously as a minor blood infection, cellulitis or possibly gout. I have been unable to walk without crutches or a stick at certain times. I have been prescribed Flucloxacilin, Co-amoxiclav, Naproxen and yesterday Colchicine.

My ankle remains swollen and now my big toe has reddened and hurts around the joint. Any ideas? Surely one of these medications would have worked by now?

16 July 2014

Colchine is used to treat gout when prescribed as a 1mg initially, followed by 500 micrograms every two to three hours until relief of pain is obtained or vomiting or diarrhoea occurs. A total dose of 6mg should not be exceeded. The course should not be repeated within three days.

It would be advisable to continue taking your prescribed medication (e.g. Naproxen)  as directed as they will help reduce any swelling and inflammatory pain experienced during an attack of gout. Flucloxacillin and co- amoxiclav are not connected to development of gout in any way.

Naproxen is readily absorbed and peak blood levels are reached in 2 to 4 hours, and a steady state is achieved within 3 days of initiation.

Colchicine is readily absorbed from the stomach lining and it is expected to reach maximum concentration by half an hour to two hours following administration.If after  several consecutive doses (according to your individual prescribed regimen), the pain does not alleviate, it would be prudent to report back to GP for further assessment.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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