Get fit and healthy

10 July 2012

Health and fitness tips

Some tips for getting fit and healthy!

Ditch the alcohol for one month

A post-holiday cleanse! Notice how much more alert you feel, alcohol can leave us having to burn off dead calories.

Keep a food diary this month

Record as much information as possible on the times you eat and drink and how you felt. This will not only show you your true calorie intake, it will make you aware of the food groups that give you a boost and the ones that make your energy levels drop prior to eating. 

Wake up that circulation!

Try having a cold shower first thing in the morning, sounds crazy, but you will instantly feel energised and is better than a coffee buzz! 

Eat slowly

Give your brain time to tell your stomach that it has had enough.

Make a vision board

Use inspiring pictures of fit and healthy people that you would like to look like, this gets you feeling really motivated and will work on a subconscious level to help make your goals easier to achieve.

Treat yourself to a full body massage

Helping to shift toxins, relax and to alleviate your muscles from all the hard training! 

Positive thinking!

Try going for a whole day only thinking positive things about yourself, we can be so hard on ourselves so try complimenting yourself as if you would a close friend. 

Join the kids on the wii fit

It's so interactive and fun you will burn calories and enjoy the laughter. 

Carry the shopping home

Make it a part of your weekly workout on days when have time and you don’t need to buy much, get marching home from the shops, two jobs in one! 

On your bike!

Try a light ride for half an hour three times a week instead of sitting watching the T.V. It will clear your head, burns calories and after a long day at work it will help you relax. 

Join that Pilate's class you've been thinking about

It's an excellent way to achieve a strong core, helps you to relax and make you more body aware. 

Read an inspiring book this month

On someone who has achieved something amazing. (e.g. Bradley Wiggins or Ellen Macarthur) It will give you that feel good factor.

Beat that bloat!

Try rye breads and wholemeal pasta instead, you will feel fuller for longer and have a flatter stomach.

Try drinking rooibus tea

It's a great alternative to tea or coffee, naturally caffeine free, full of antioxidants and has a delicious flavour. 

Buy yourself a Swiss ball for home or the office

A great way to insure that you activate your core whilst sitting. (Be sure to get the size right, your legs need to be positioned in a right angle.)