E coli has been detected in my urine.

E coli has yesterday been detected in my urine and a urine sample has been sent for analysis. I am concerned that I could infect others, particularly my grand children.

28 October 2014

Please do not worry about the e coli found in your urine, e coli is one of the most common bacteria found in urine samples and frequently causes urinary tract infections.

There are several strains of e coli bacteria which is a type of bacteria found in the bowel where it forms part of the natural bowel flora. Due to the proximity of the urinary tract to the bowel it is easy for the bacteria to travel to the bladder and set up home (so to speak) where it will cause infections to occur. This type of e coli cannot usually be passed on provided you maintain strict hand hygiene after passing urine or using the toilet.

There are more virulent strains of e coli but they cause different symptoms to present in other body systems so please do not be concerned. I do hope this information will be of use and will help reassure you.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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