Caffeine foods and drinks

What other foods/drinks contain caffeine?

8 February 2016

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your message. We hope your Caffeine Curfew is going well. We have compiled a short list of what drinks and foods contain caffeine.


Contain caffeine: 

• Coffee 

• Mochas 

• Lattes 

• Black tea 

• Iced tea 

• Many energy drinks 

• Green tea 

• Cola Lower levels - but still contain caffeine 

• Decaffeinated coffee 

 • Decaffeinated black tea May contain caffeine: 

• Many fizzy drinks 

 Foods that can (not always) contain caffeine:

 • Chocolate 

• Energy mints 

• Ice cream

 • Chewing gum Others to watch out for: 

• Some medication including some painkillers

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