British Heart Foundation Recipe Finder

9 June 2013

This App can be helpful if you are looking for some healthy recipe ideas.  Recipes are conveniently grouped in a number of different ways – by main ingredient, by cuisine and by meal occasion.  If you aren’t sure what you want to eat and are looking for some inspiration, then there’s a button to push for that too!

There is also a section with recipes suitable for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, coeliac disease (gluten-free), nut allergy (nut-free) and high cholesterol.  This could be very handy if you or someone in your family has recently had to make changes to their diet for one of these reasons and you are still getting to grips with these changes.  Vegetarian and vegan options are also highlighted.

The recipes have been scored by the Traffic Light Guide criteria used on food labels so you can see at a glance how they rate for fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar content. However, as all the recipes have been checked by BHF dietitians, they all make healthy choices.

It’s a shame they don’t include straightforward values for calories, fat, saturated fat, salt and sugars. Instead the values are expressed as %GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) per portion, so not very practical if you want to add any values to a food tracking app, for example.

Summary: A useful collection of healthy recipes to have at your fingertips – for free.

App rating: 4 out of 5

Lyndel Costain

Cost from iTunes GB: Free
Android version also available