How can I receive Bariatric surgery?

Please can you advise the process for me to speak with a consultant regarding Bariatric surgery - gastric band.

Having read the information on the website I qualify for being considered and I would like to talk to someone about the possibility of being able to receive this surgery privately.

11 January 2015

In the first instance your GP is the best person to discuss the possibility of  having bariatric surgery privately with. Your GP would be in a position to make a referral on your behalf and can also discuss the eligibility in more detail,

Once a referral has been made to a consultant you will be able to attend an initial consultation to discuss in further detail the surgery and your eligibility. If you are considering self -paying for this surgery again it is useful to discuss with your GP who can make referrals on your behalf and you would then be able to make an initial appointment with the consultants secretary for an initial consultation.

Unfortunately any consultation with a specialist usually requires a referral, some consultants will accept self-referral for self-paying patients in the first instance however.

I hope this information will be of use and wish you the best of luck in finding a specialist.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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