Absorption of Adcal-D3 caplets

How quickly are Adcal-D3 Caplets absorbed? For example if I swallow the tablets on waking, how long is it before I can eat breakfast with oats and cranberries?

12 April 2016

When looking at the absorption of Adcal D3 caplets we need to consider the calcium and vitamin D. Calcium carbonate is converted to calcium chloride by gastric acid. Calcium is absorbed to the extent of about 15-25% from the gastro-intestinal tract while the remainder reverts to insoluble calcium carbonate and calcium stearate and this is excreted in the faeces. Vitamin D is well absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract in the presence of bile.

If you swallow the tablets on waking, you would need to wait 2 hours before eating a breakfast consisting of oats and cranberries. This is because on the patient information leaflet it clearly states that Adcal D3 should not be taken within 2 hours of eating foods rich in oxalic acid e.g. phosphate (e.g. bran) or phytic acid (e.g. whole cereals).

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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