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    A diabetes diagnosis is likely to be life altering but it doesn’t have to define you. New technologies now make the management of Type 1 diabetes much easier, even for children, as Jaymi and her daughter Ruby explain.

    And with Type 2 diabetes sometimes a few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

    But any road to self-improvement can be lonely and frustrating at times, so if you need help managing your Type 2 diabetes, we’re here to help [Just +] and if you have another health concern you can talk to our team of nurses 24/7.

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      Coaching and support

      Don’t feel that you’re alone dealing with Type 2 diabetes.

      When you want to take control of your diet and make new healthy habits, we can provide the support you need.

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      How can I reduce my risk for diabetes 2?

      • Watch what you eat
      • Exercise
      • Get better sleep
      • Reduce stress

      These are just a few tips, watch our animation to find out more.

    • Jo Sims

      Jo's success story

      A Realise Health Assessment showed Jo that she was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

      Find out how Realise coaching, delivered by LiveSmart, helped her lose more than 50 lbs and turn her health around. Read Jo’s story.

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    • Diabetes-friendly recipes

      Diabetes doesn’t have to mean food deprivation. You can still eat lots of delicious treats.

      Try these recipes.

    • Sugar crash

      Sugar crash

      How to recognise the symptoms of hypoglycaemia and what you can do to help someone having an attack.

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Dealing with diabetes – your questions answered

According to Diabetes UK, if you take into account the number of people who remain undiagnosed

Our top 10 diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes

Healthy eating often isn’t about eating less...

How a Realise Health Assessment changed my life – Jo’s story

Jo has a sales job she loves, she is happily married ...

Diabetes friendly apple muesli

This recipe is a great alternative to shop bought muesli or granola. It contains only the natural sugars found in fruit and milk and can be made the night before for a quick-on-the-go breakfast.

Diabetes friendly asian salmon salad

A low carbohydrate salad, full of the good cholesterol boosting fats.

Diabetes friendly berry bircher

A quick and easy breakfast that is prepared the night before. Great through all the seasons too - whether it is strawberries in summer or blackberries in autumn. Berries are also one of the fruits that contain the least amount of sugar so are a great choice.

Diabetes friendly eggs and tomatoes

Packed with protein, this is a great one pot breakfast or brunch recipe.

Diabetes friendly frittata cups

A great way to use up a variety of vegetables and packed with protein, these frittata cups are a great way to start the day.