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Dental expert Dr Sej Patel has reviewed 7 apps to help improve you and your family's dental health and oral hygiene.

Dr Patel qualified in 2001 from University of Liverpool. He is the driving force of Kent House Dental Clinic and has trained and worked with some of the world’s leading dentists including Dr Chris Orr, Dr Hilt Tatum and Dr Paul Tipton.


Due to his considerable training and skill he has been offered the role of Vocational Trainer repeatedly for the last 6 years in an attempt to pass on his skills and knowledge to newly qualified dentists in order to prepare them for their futures in dentistry.

He has a relaxed, friendly approach to his patients and is experienced with all aspects of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry including 3D Cosmetic Smile design and Invisalgn clear brace treatment.
He has completed post graduate courses in advanced restorative dentistry, Dental Implants and Advanced Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry. He has accreditation/membership with the following organizations:

  • British Dental Association
  • General Dental Council
  • Full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists
  • Invisalign certified practitioner
  • Member of the faculty of general dental practitioners part 1 accredited
  • University of Lille certification of advanced surgical implant techniques
  • Smile Studio accreditation in Advanced Tooth Whitening techniques

1. Oral Care Buddy

This App is a very simple timer intended to ensure that tooth brushing is conducted for 2 minutes.

App rating: 0/5

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2. Dentify by Yatisha Patel

This App has been designed to take into account acute dental problems and provide temporary advice until a consultation with a dentist can be arranged.

App rating:4.5/5

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3. StarTeeth by FUNGAMENTAL Labs s.r.o.

This App is intended to motivate children to brush their teeth. This is achieved by making brushing fun by using characters called “buddies” and a 2 minute timer.

App rating:2/5

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4. Cleaning your teeth

This App is intended to be a fully interactive real-time 3D model designed to educate in correct oral hygiene techniques, but it is more a game than an educational tool.

App rating: 1/5

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5. T-Rex Toothbrush Timer by P Chu

This App is a 2 minute tooth brushing timer with video. It is aimed at motivating children to brush their teeth and ensure that this is done for 2 minutes.

App rating: 1/5

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6. Dental Care Aid by DigibunnyTech

This App is intended to demonstrate the use of nine oral health products, including manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush, floss, interdental brushes and others. There are 3D videos for each product that are clear and professional looking. 

App rating: 3/5

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7. Brush Teeth

This App is supposed to be “hilarious” for people who love brushing their teeth. I downloaded the free version first to try it out but all I got was a set of yellowish teeth and a tab that says “Eat”.

App rating: 0/5

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