Vertigo and blocked ears

Hello, I recently returned from holiday and I am suffering with what might be vertigo or block ears/sinuses. It is making me feel unbalanced (like I am rocking gently on a boat eve when completely still). Is this something that can be treated by having my ears syringed?

16 January 2017

It is possible the cause may be due to a build up of wax in your ear, this can affect balance and induce feelings of dizziness depending on it’s proximity to the ear drum and where it is lying, the amount, and applying pressure in the ear canal.

Sinus issues can also sometimes produce similar symptoms if the inner ear is also affected, in addition other possible causes are conditions such as vertigo or labrynthitis. If wax is the problem initially a doctor will recommend some drops to be used as this softens the wax prior to syringing and sometimes prevents the need for syringing at all.

Should your symptoms be related to sinus issues or labrynthitis however or vertigo then medical treatment is usually able to successfully treat these. Under the circumstances it would therefore seem wise to arrange a consultation with your GP they will be able to assess the cause of your symptoms and prescribe whatever treatment is most appropriate for you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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